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The setting sun falls in Tendrabong ©Photo : Praveen Chettri

Nestled amidst Mayrong forest and along the glistening water of Mudung river is a small and less frequented village of Tendrabong, falling under Saikyong Gram Panchayat of Kalimpong block II. Located below Algarah town, 18 km away from Kalimpong, it consists of approximately 165 households. As you descend towards the village you will be greeted by fresh air, lush green agricultural fields, buzzing bees, chirping of birds and a strong and pleasant smell of large cardamoms.

Everyday life in the village ©Photo : Birat Rai

Until the recent past, the primary source of income was cultivation of large cardamoms when the price of the crop was handsome. However, because of the recent fluctuations in the price the villagers have started growing other additional crops like potatoes, maize, onion to sustain their livelihood.

Tendrabong is known for its scenic beauty, the breathtaking view of majestic mountain range, hills and pristine forests. Many families have opened their homes for local tourists that gives you a first hand experience of local life and enjoy the beauty that Tendrabong has to offer.


Tendrabong as seen from Dukka. ©Praveen Chettri

Dukka Falls / ©Photo : Birat Rai

Best time to visit -

Tendrabong can be visited anytime of the year. With the spring season, the forest comes to life with beautiful flora and fauna. Enjoy freshly brewed tea as you hear the monsoon rain gently kissing the tin roofs. it is during this time when the resplendent Dukka Falls cascades falling vertically from the edges of the cliffs. The sight of farmers preparing their fields is promising that beckons abundance and fruition. With the onset of the winter season, the mountain range unveils itself. The farmers harvest their fields and it is a perfect time to bask in the sun and enjoy local sports like Haathey kaar.

Things to do -

  • Try your hands in local sport like Haathey kaar

  • Indulge in the beauty of Dukka falls

  • Treat your palette to local cuisines

  • Mudung river

  • Virtual sightings of flora and fauna

  • Take a leisurely stroll around the village to explore local life

  • Bird watching

Panoramic view of Rhenock, Pedong and surrounding villages / ©Photo : Praveen Chettri

How to reach -

Tendrabong is located 18 kms away from Kalimpong town via Algarah Bazzar. You can book a cab or hop into a local shared cab, which will take approximately 1 hour.

Mayrung village / ©Photo : Praveen Chettri

Nearby villages-

Gangyap / Mayrung / Mirik / Dukka/ Upper Menchu / Sakyoung / Chumirchen


BIRAT RAI Birat is a photography enthusiast from Kalimpong with interest in street and documentary photography. He is currently pursuing PhD in Agricultural Extension from Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya, Coochbehar. Instagram : Birat Rai


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