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Kalimpong is a district in North Bengal, India. The scenic town is strategically located, cradled by the Himalayan ranges and connected with sleepy hamlets. The region is blessed with wonderful weather, fertile soil thus paving way for rich agricultural harvest. An erstwhile Sikkimese Province ceded to the Kingdom of Bhutan, Kalimpong was chosen for Scottish missionary activities when it became part of the British Empire.

Today the town of Kalimpong radiates with warm energy of the local folks busy in their everyday humdrum at Damber Chowk and Haat Bazar. Some reclusive towns in Kalimpong district such as Lolegaon, Pedong, Lava are pockets of nature’s serenity and abundance. Lava is also a gateway to Kalimpong’s best kept secret about Himalayan flora and fauna at the Global biodiversity hotspot of Neora Valley National Park.

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