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One thing is pretty relevant, we cannot vibe if you don’t love food the same way we Kaleybungeys do. And that is why

we wish to share our bounty and open our hearths so gifted by these hills, lands and rivers with whoever wishes to.

So come, explore our cuisine through our range of products while we give you a slight warning: You will keep coming back for more!!


The Himalayan Trust for Natural History Art

The Himalayan Trust for Natural History Art (HTNHA), Kalimpong

The Himalayan Trust for Natural History Art (HTNHA), is a non-profit, charitable organization registered with the Department of Income Tax, Government of India, under Memo No.12AA/CIT/ SLG/Tech./ 2010-2011/ 4800-82.  The Trust has been actively running hands-on workshops since 2011 for the children at the grassroots in the field of Natural History Art through mediums like Painting, Ceramics, Textile design and Jewellery Design with Natural History and ecological studies as the core subjects.

The art classes are designed not only to impart holistic education through art but also to raise awareness of the flora and fauna and promote environmental consciousness at the grass roots while contributing to the conservation of our natural heritage. The children are taught how to observe and explore nature through the medium of Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture, Textile design and Jewellery Design, Natural History illustration and ecological studies, including dance and music thus serving to bridge the gap between art and science.  

The Trust has been providing the students a platform to interact with other individuals, institutes and organizations from across the globe thus encouraging them to extend their ideas and abilities and to gather confidence and the power of self-criticism while exchanging knowledge and ideas. It has also been promoting public awareness of the necessity of conservation of all life forms through public exhibitions.       

The classes will help facilitate the development of key skills while equipping them with self-confidence, sustainability and a purposeful life in the future.

Please do kindly support our cause through purchase of our products. Every paisa will go a long way in realizing our objectives further. 



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